Cada Dia cheese Oregon

Cada Dia Cheese Oregon

Making cheese is a journey and Cher and Pat Sullivan have adventure in their blood.  Born and raised in Virginia, the two met as children and have spent their lives together roaming the planet.  Oregon has become the latest home of the Sullivans and the state’s artisan food movement has made them feel right at […]

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Harley and Dorthy Swan of Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Ok

Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s history is nothing without the story of the cow.  Back in the late 1800s, literally millions of cows passed through the state from Texas, heading north and west to feed the growing demands for beef.  Settlers and cowboys, short on cash, knew their cows would fetch considerably more if they could lead the animals […]

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Jim and Angel King - Blue Jacket Dairy Ohio

Blue Jacket Dairy – Bellefontaine Ohio

Cheese Makers Spot Light – Blue Jacket Dairy Ohio The Buckeye State is rich in history, dairy farming and, as a connection between the Northeast and Midwest, commerce.  Angel and Jim King are two proud Ohioans with a blossoming cheese business that has helped grow the local economy, local dairy industry and promote their love of […]

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bessys best north dakota

Bessy’s Best Cheese North Dakota

Bessy’s Best Cheese North Dakota Cheese Maker’s Spotlight – 50 states of cheese series North Dakota has a rich farming history.  Huge tracts of land.  Northern European settlers with long dairy traditions and skills.  In fact, Salem Sue is the world’s largest Holstein cow, a giant fiberglass cow funded in honor of the dairy industry, […]

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Three Graces Dairy - Asheville North Carolina

Three Graces Dairy North Carolina

Three Graces Dairy North Carolina 50 States of Cheese North Carolina has a proud farming heritage.  Finding a local goat cheese is pretty easy now artisan cheese making is taking hold.  Farmers in the region tend to have a favorite animal to work with.  Some people just love goats.  Some people love working with cows.  […]

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argyle cheese farmer - ny

Argyle Cheese Farmer New York

Argyle Cheese Farmer New York – 50 States of Cheese One step ahead. In a tough industry like the dairy business, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and your eyes wide open. In just seven years the Argyle Cheese Farmer has converted from a dairy farm into a leading cheese and yogurt […]

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Old windmill Dairy New Mexico

Old Windmill Dairy – New Mexico

Old Windmill Dairy – New Mexico 50 States of Cheese – Artisan Cheese Craft Series  Anybody setting up a cheese business has to be resilient.  Setting up in New Mexico- a desert state with almost no artisan cheese industry- requires an ability to be independent, creative and persistent.  The Old Windmill Dairy in McIntosh is slap bang […]

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Bobolink Dairy and bakehouse

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse – New Jersey

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse – New Jersey He is the most interesting man in the world… “I don’t always eat cheese…but when I do, I prefer Bobolink.” People like Jonathan White are the reason artisan cheese made it in America.  A passion for science, history and creativity, this ex-engineer has forged a thriving family business […]

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Boggy Meadow Farm New Hampshire Artisan Cheese Makers

Boggy Meadow Farm – New Hampshire – 50 States of Cheese Artisan Cheese Maker’s Spotlight The English settlers that arrived during the birth of the nation found a farming paradise in New England. The town of Walpole in southern New Hampshire was prime agricultural land and one family, the Masons, did just that in the […]

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David Green Tahoe Cheese Company

Tahoe Cheese Nevada

Tahoe Cheese Nevada – 50 States of Cheese Nevada. A beautiful, barren state with a history of famous ‘G’s. Guns. Gold. Gambling. And now Green. David Green. Together with his wife Dawn, David Green has finally put Nevada on the American cheese map with the 2013 launch of Tahoe Cheese. And like the original settlers […]

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