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Cheese world cup

Cheese World Cup – Our Comparisons Group by Group.

Cheese World Cup As an Englishman, marrying an Italian was always going to be fraught with pangs of inferiority.  Firstly, their weather is better.  Second, their food is infinitely better.  Thirdly, their soccer team is consistently better.  Our players look blotchy, broken and hung-over at the end of 90 minutes, while their 36-year-old midfield genius […]

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holes in cheese

Holes in Cheese – Why different cheese have different holes

The Eyes Have It… Why We Get Different Holes In Different Cheeses The archetypal cheese riddled with holes has been made famous by Tom and Jerry, Green Bay Packers headgear and mainstream brands like Sargento who sell Swiss cheese ready sliced for the sandwich lovers of America.  These holes- eyes- not only vary in size […]

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somatic cell counts in milk

The Science Of Somatic Cell Counts in Milk and Why it Matters For Cheese Makers

Who’s Counting? Why The Science Of Somatic Cell Counts Matter For Cheese Makers As a young boy I remember by dad, a chemist by profession, working on a formulation for an udder wipe, sold to dairies and smallholdings in England.  He explained to me the risk of mastitis, something I understood was an infection found […]

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