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Harley and Dorthy Swan of Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Ok

Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s history is nothing without the story of the cow.  Back in the late 1800s, literally millions of cows passed through the state from Texas, heading north and west to feed the growing demands for beef.  Settlers and cowboys, short on cash, knew their cows would fetch considerably more if they could lead the animals […]

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bessys best north dakota

Bessy’s Best Cheese North Dakota

Bessy’s Best Cheese North Dakota Cheese Maker’s Spotlight – 50 states of cheese series North Dakota has a rich farming history.  Huge tracts of land.  Northern European settlers with long dairy traditions and skills.  In fact, Salem Sue is the world’s largest Holstein cow, a giant fiberglass cow funded in honor of the dairy industry, […]

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argyle cheese farmer - ny

Argyle Cheese Farmer New York

Argyle Cheese Farmer New York – 50 States of Cheese One step ahead. In a tough industry like the dairy business, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and your eyes wide open. In just seven years the Argyle Cheese Farmer has converted from a dairy farm into a leading cheese and yogurt […]

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Old windmill Dairy New Mexico

Old Windmill Dairy – New Mexico

Old Windmill Dairy – New Mexico 50 States of Cheese – Artisan Cheese Craft Series  Anybody setting up a cheese business has to be resilient.  Setting up in New Mexico- a desert state with almost no artisan cheese industry- requires an ability to be independent, creative and persistent.  The Old Windmill Dairy in McIntosh is slap bang […]

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Boggy Meadow Farm New Hampshire Artisan Cheese Makers

Boggy Meadow Farm – New Hampshire – 50 States of Cheese Artisan Cheese Maker’s Spotlight The English settlers that arrived during the birth of the nation found a farming paradise in New England. The town of Walpole in southern New Hampshire was prime agricultural land and one family, the Masons, did just that in the […]

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firefly farms Maryland

Firefly Farms Maryland – Cheese Making Spotlight

Firefly Farms Maryland – Cheese Maker’s Spotlight Maryland is famous for a few things.  Goats are NOT one of them.  However, one successful cheese making venture in the north west of the state is quickly changing all that.  FireFly Farms has become a popular destination for tourists and cheese fanatics visiting the Maryland Mountain region.  […]

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Cheese World Cup Cheeses of Group B

Cheese World Cup – The Cheeses of Group B

Cheese World Cup – The Cheeses of Group B Netherlands The Dutch are not just masters of soccer, but for such a small country their cheese output is phenomenal. World famous for Edam and Gouda, a visit to the Netherlands and not eating cheese is like visiting France and not drinking wine, or visiting England […]

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Cheese world cup

Cheese World Cup – Our Comparisons Group by Group.

Cheese World Cup As an Englishman, marrying an Italian was always going to be fraught with pangs of inferiority.  Firstly, their weather is better.  Second, their food is infinitely better.  Thirdly, their soccer team is consistently better.  Our players look blotchy, broken and hung-over at the end of 90 minutes, while their 36-year-old midfield genius […]

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Summer Cheese festivals

Summer Cheese Festivals Guide By Region

Melting Away-  Summer Cheese Festivals near you Summer is around the corner folks and that means festival time.  In England in late May, my fellow reserved, polite, respectable compatriots (and considerable tourists making the pilgrimage) decide to throw a wheel of cheese down an insanely steep hill in Gloucestershire, only for dozens of them to […]

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which cheese has the most calcium

Calcium in Cheese – Which Cheese has the most Calcium

The Calcium Calculator- From Mozz To Dr Oz In England we haven’t always told the truth to our children.  We lied to them about carrots helping us see in the dark during the Second World War and it stuck. We told them they too could go to Hogwarts and that the wardrobe to get to […]

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