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Harley and Dorthy Swan of Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Ok

Swan Bros Dairy Claremore Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s history is nothing without the story of the cow.  Back in the late 1800s, literally millions of cows passed through the state from Texas, heading north and west to feed the growing demands for beef.  Settlers and cowboys, short on cash, knew their cows would fetch considerably more if they could lead the animals […]

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Jim and Angel King - Blue Jacket Dairy Ohio

Blue Jacket Dairy – Bellefontaine Ohio

Cheese Makers Spot Light – Blue Jacket Dairy Ohio The Buckeye State is rich in history, dairy farming and, as a connection between the Northeast and Midwest, commerce.  Angel and Jim King are two proud Ohioans with a blossoming cheese business that has helped grow the local economy, local dairy industry and promote their love of […]

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Three Graces Dairy - Asheville North Carolina

Three Graces Dairy North Carolina

Three Graces Dairy North Carolina 50 States of Cheese North Carolina has a proud farming heritage.  Finding a local goat cheese is pretty easy now artisan cheese making is taking hold.  Farmers in the region tend to have a favorite animal to work with.  Some people just love goats.  Some people love working with cows.  […]

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Branched Oak Fram Nebraska

Branched Oak Farm Nebraska

Branched Oak Farm Nebraska  – 50 States of Cheese series The Bohemian Alps in eastern Nebraska have produced numerous legends down the ages.  Native American tribes made their living in the area before Czech and German settlers moved in to give the Bohemian Alps their name.  Today the quiet villages break up the vastness of the […]

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flathead lake cheese

Flathead Lake Cheese Montana

50 States of Cheese -Flathead Lake Cheese Montana So…. You’re hanging out in the hot tub, under the desert sun.  Time to dream about going on a crazy adventure with your spouse, gambling on a new life to try something new.  How about a solar powered cheese making facility, up in the wilds of Montana, […]

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Star Thrower Farm Minnesota

50 States of Cheese – Star Thrower Farm Minnesota The small farming community of Glencoe has a little history that shows cheese might just be in its blood.  While Minnesotans might not possess the same cheese making reputation as their Wisconsin neighbors just over the Mississippi river, Glencoe did have a creamery built way back in […]

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cricket creek farm

Cricket Creek Farm Massachusetts

Cricket Creek Farm Massachusetts – 50 States of Cheese One quiet corner of Massachusetts has a growing cheese making venture for the twenty first century- Cricket Creek Farm.  Cricket Creek Farm is not your typical, sleepy New England farmstead with an extensive history of cheese making.  Topher Sabot, his family and friends have worked tirelessly since […]

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firefly farms Maryland

Firefly Farms Maryland – Cheese Making Spotlight

Firefly Farms Maryland – Cheese Maker’s Spotlight Maryland is famous for a few things.  Goats are NOT one of them.  However, one successful cheese making venture in the north west of the state is quickly changing all that.  FireFly Farms has become a popular destination for tourists and cheese fanatics visiting the Maryland Mountain region.  […]

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Good Shepherd Cheese 2

Good Shepherd Cheese Kentucky – Cheese Maker’s Spotlight

Good Shepherd Cheese Kentucky- 50 States of Cheese Cheese Maker’s Spotlight Some things are just meant to be. Sanford and Colleen Dotson were working in other jobs with one eye on retirement, not knowing really what the other was thinking. Sanford had grown up on a modest hillside farm in Kentucky with his dad bringing in […]

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Teaching Kids With Cheese

Teaching Cheese Making to kids -Feed The Stomach, Feed The Mind

Feed The Stomach, Feed The Mind- Teaching Cheese Making to Kids in a Classroom Setting  We sell a lot of cheese making kits to school teachers but it isn’t for home economics.  Science teachers have known for a long time kids learn through doing, and nothing is more fun than being able to eat what […]

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