I just made my first batch of mozzarella and I don't think it turned out quite right. It didn't seem to get stretchy and smooth and shiny. Kind of hard and not really sticking together very nicely. Any thoughts? I used whole milk and your cheese making kit.

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Hello, starting out there can be a couple of things to iron out.  Getting the pH level of your milk just right is important for the stretch, that means making sure you hav the temperature right, and you have a good curd.  Often if the curd is too cool it won’t stretch well.  Also be careful not to add too much rennet, expels epically don’t add too much citric acid- that can screw up the acid level you are looking for to get the stretch.  It’s hard to explain texture in writing, but this video should help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJJjZkjHxHo. Also a lot depends on the milk, ultra-pasteurized is terrible for mozzarella, try and avoid it.  Make sure you don’t over heat the milk, stick to measurements and make sure you leave the curd to get a nice clean break, to give you good curd.  Often people don’t get it hot enough at the heating the curd stage to get the stretch, that’s important.  Hopefully the video you help you.  Many thanks, Luke


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