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The Best Milk For Cheese Making- A Beginner Guide To Cow Sheep And Goat Milk

The best Milk For Cheese Making- A Beginner Guide To Cow Sheep And Goat Milk Great milk makes great cheese. Period.  Great cheese NEEDS great milk. Making a basic soft cheese using regular store milk, a dash of salt…sure, that gets you on the road. But to develop your skills and your range of cheeses, […]

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Goats Cheese - goat milk for cheese making

Making Cheese With Goat Milk and Types of Goat Cheeses

Making Cheese With Goat Milk and Types of Goat Cheeses- What You should know Making cheese with Goat milk and the resulting goat milk cheeses have remained popular throughout the ages.  Back in the earlier days every homestead had a goat, for milk, cheese and fun company.  They have made great companions through the years and goat […]

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Sheeps Milk Cheeses

Making Cheese With Sheep Milk and Sheep Milk Cheeses

Sheep Milk and Sheep Cheeses- What You Should Know  Sheep’s milk cheese is rich, delicious and worth the effort for cheese makers looking to make nutritious, healthy cheese.  Although the sheep industry is historically a European pursuit, there is a sizable commercial sheep industry in America today.  The milk itself has considerable differences to cow […]

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Liquid Rennet

Liquid Animal Rennet versus Liquid Vegetable Rennet

Liquid Animal Rennet versus Liquid Vegetable Rennet- Which is Best for You? Every modern cheese maker keeps some vital ingredients for their next project- salt, bacteria and rennet.  The big improvement in rennet production in recent years is liquid rennet.  Rennet tablets and Rennent powers as well as Rennet Junket are some of the most […]

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Cheese making - cow's milik cheese

Cow Milk and Making Cheese From Cow’s Milk

Cow Milk and Cheeses made from Cow Milk – What You Should Know   For cheese makers starting out, you will probably head to your nearest store for milk.  And that milk will almost certainly be from the cow.  There is some good news and some bad news about bovine-based milk that every cheese maker should know. […]

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Using Bacterial Starters: Thermophilic and Mesophilic

Thermophilic and Mesophilic Cheese Making Starters: in a way these two types of starters are the same, they contain bacteria that are used to inoculate your milk, to ripen it and to add bacteria for the later stages of cheese making. Why two types? Cheese making is all about temperature and for simple soft cheeses, […]

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Choosing The Right Milk For Cheese Making

In this video featuring Paul Peacock and brought to you by cheeseandyogurtmaking.com, we explore some different types of milk and answer some common questions about choosing milk found in your grocery store to make cheese.

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